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Techex (Techex Inc.) – was founded in 1971 for the purpose of providing specialized distribution of select computer graphics software and hardware products.

Today, Techex is focused on channel development and management for specialized technology products in the broadcast, post production, medical and imaging markets.

Since 1971, Techex has been managing a highly specialized distribution channel and providing quality products, integrated solutions, distribution, logistics, financing and support to our channel partners.  A team of Regional Sales Directors and support staff is responsible for developing and implementing the most effective sales channel for each of our product lines on a country by country basis.  This team is highly specialized in the process of identifying, qualifying, and authorizing channel partners in each individual territory.

Techex sales and support offices are located in Boston, Hong Kong, Miami and Argentina.  Affiliated offices are located in England and Spain.

Techex has established a worldwide network of over 300 channel partners in 60 countries throughout the world.

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